The H'n'L Pay It Back Kids Jersey Community Scheme

A lot of you will already be aware of the kids jersey giveaway event I ran last Christmas. It was the action that kickstarted the movement to get kids jerseys to kids all over the country completely free. To share our love of the game that brings us all together.
Last year I managed to get a jersey to every single kid that designed a Christmas card for me. I want to do the same again this year but as I've grown, the demand has grown.
Every kids jersey is purchased by me, out of my own pocket. I'm fortunate that you all support the business so much that it gives me the means to do so but they are becoming harder to come by in the numbers to support the amount I give away.
So I need your help. Kids grow fast, and some will have outgrown the jerseys they have received. If that's the case I'd love for you to return the jersey to me so that it can be passed on to another to enjoy just as much.
In return, I will issue a £5 gift card for the store for every jersey you send!
It's sustainable, it's strengthening our community, and you get rewarded for it.
Times are hard at the moment for families all over the UK. If we can come together and spread the community spirit that means so much, we can help put a smile on so many kids faces this Christmas and beyond.
If you would like to contribute then please use the contact page to arrange delivery.
Thank you in advance to anyone that helps. I will continue to buy and source kids jerseys but this scheme just means it can be spread further and wider!